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Opening hours

Ticket office

The ticket office, situated at the train station of Sabres, is open from 9.45 am to 4.10pm  (Please look at the timetable bellow). 

Train timetable

The train is the only way to access to the ecomuseum of Marquèze. 

Departure from Sabres to Marquèze

10h10  10h50  11h30  12h10 12h50* 
14h10  14h50  15h30  16h10 

*only july and august, 21th and 22th september 2024.



Return from Marquèze to Sabres

Return from Marquèze to Sabres

11h10  11h50  12h30  13h10* 14h30
15h10  15h50  16h30  17h10  18h10

* only july and august

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